Project Management

With our Experienced Team of Engineers and Architects at the Head Office and dedicated man power at site, each project is handled in detail from the design stage to the ground braking and upto the handing over of project to client for Operations.

We have a vast database of Knowledge from our past and present projects and with help of our Value Engineering and Standard Industry Practise our team has adapted the following Methodology 


  1. Pre Design Phase
  • Appointment of all consultants at the approproiate stage and Scope Management.
  • Identify Cost Saving Oppurtunities.
  • Coordination with all Consultants for Sign off of Drawing from client and preperation of GFC for site.
  • Schedule Preperation and Time Management.
  • Budget Preperation and Cost Management.
  • Precurement Management
  • Arrange Pre- Bid Presentation to all Contractors.


  1. Constrcution Phase
  • Issue of GFC at site with coordination from all Conusltants and client
  • Quality Management- Ensuring all quality standards and tests at site and acceptable workmanship.Inspection of Material arrived at site.
  • EHS Inspection.
  • Resource Planning- For weekly and monthly strategy
  • Progress Assesment- Ensuring daily, weekly and firtnightly meeting between all agencies, consultants and clients to clear all issues and plan future strategies.
  • Reporting Systems- Issue of dailly, weekly and monthly reporting system inlcuding the executive level status preperation.
  • Communication Management- Bring the single point contact for all agencies, consultants and client.
  • Bill Certification and Reconcillation
  • Dispute Management
  • On going Monitoring of Schedule and Cost.


  1. Post Constrcution Phase
  • Contract Closure.
  • Claims Resolution.
  • Testing and Commisioning
  • Snag List Preration and Closing.